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I am the biggest advocate for your career brand    

I’m LaVonne James, the founder of Get A Better Job. I spent 15 years working at top NYC public relations agencies where I branded companies; now, I brand and package people so they are known for their unique skills, talents, characteristics, and contributions in the workplace. As a  strategic resume writer and website designer, I utilize customized image selection, strategic positioning, marketing, and design to effectively position my clients to get better jobs. 

With 15 years of experience in public relations, I've honed a deep understanding of effective communication and brand management, skills that I bring to career coaching. My approach involves helping clients articulate their unique value proposition and navigate their career paths with strategic storytelling, much like a PR campaign for their professional life. This experience has equipped me with the insights to guide clients in presenting themselves confidently and making impactful career moves.

I work tirelessly on behalf of my clients to help them get the jobs of their dreams. Get a Better Job is not a resume mill. I custom-design and strategically write resumes and career-branded Websites correlating to the specific opportunities pursued by my clients so they can make an impressive mark on recruiters, in-house HR teams, and decision makers. 

You are never a number at Get A Better Job. I value each client, and I am the biggest advocate for your brand. My passion is ensuring that I effectively communicate your distinct characteristics that give you value to employers. You have a unique identity. No one is just like you. Your special set of traits, when positioned properly, will ensure your work and life experiences shine and put you right on track to getting a better job.

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"I don't typically play up my bold personality because most software engineers are kind of reserved. After my consultation with LaVonne, she encouraged me to let my personality show through my career deliverables that she so professionally developed. I was skeptical at first, but decided to give it a try. It really worked. I got dozens of calls and emails. I ended up with competing offers and accepted the perfect job for me--all within a couple of weeks."       


“I needed to create an online presence for my writing projects. I didn't know where to start, and to top it off, I had a unique situation in that I really wasn't looking for a job. I was looking for freelancing gigs. LaVonne was amazing. I worked with her for about 6 months on my new plan and secured more writing project than I could actually fulfill."


“I had been out of school for a couple of years and was working in the field of my choice. I was a little complacent because I liked my job and quite frankly it was easy. I knew I had to get my zeal back and become a more upwardly mobile professional, so I contacted Get A Better Job. I worked with LaVonne for about a week, and I was astonished by the results. I was so energized when I received my resume and cover letter that I started looking for a better job right away. Also, LaVonne sent me job leads which is not even included in the plan I chose. She was extremely patient with me from my consultation through the process of designing and writing my materials. I love my "better" job, and I have LaVonne to thank for guiding me through the process."       


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