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3 Reasons You Need a Website for Job Opportunities

Updated: Jan 14

When you apply for a job, you’re competing with people from all over the world. With an increase in permanent remote working, employers are no longer restricted to hiring candidates living in commuting distance from their offices. This conundrum is compounded for English-speaking Americans because English is an official language in 75 different countries worldwide.

So, if you include America, when you apply for your dream job, you could be competing with qualified candidates in at least 76 countries. Now, that’s a lot of competition.

One way to increase your visibility is a career-branding website specifically for job opportunities. Career Branding is making a lasting, memorable impression on employers and/or clients by effectively communicating your unique experiences, contributions, performance, and value.

High visibility is key

One of the best ways to increase your employment visibility and to increase your chances of landing your dream job is a personal career-branding website that can be accessed by recruiters, hiring decision-makers, and key influencers 24/7.

Websites are not restricted by geography.

An employer can access your website from anywhere, and if you include the right material on your website, you become irresistible to decision-makers, recruiters, and key influencers all over the globe. Your very own personal, career-branded website for job opportunities is your sales pitch to an employer before they ever meet you.

Top 3 reasons personal, career-branding websites are so effective for job hunting?

1. Personal, career-branded websites are interactive

Think of it this way, a resume is static, but we live in an interactive world. With a personal, career-branding website, your experiences, education, skills, productivity, and value come alive. It reminds me of screenwriting where you’re taught to show-not tell.

I’ll give you an example. I teach a business writing class at my local university. One of my students worked in customer service for a few years and was looking for a better position. She was particularly interested in a high salary. We, quite brilliantly I might add, recorded mock customer interactions and placed the audio on her website.

My student was particularly skilled at what she referred to as “escalations,” irate customers who were difficult to handle. She wrote on her resume – which we also put on her website- that she resolved customer complaints. However, she was able to show employers exactly how she resolved these complaints on her website.

A major benefit of a personal, career-branded website is that you can prove what you can do to an employer before they even meet you virtually or in person.

2. The overwhelming majority of job-seekers don’t have a website-yet.

According to Forbes, 56% of employers are more impressed by a strong personal website than any other aspect of a job candidate’s profile. Yet only 7% of job seekers have a website. You set yourself apart from 93% of the competition if you have a website. The key to getting your dream job is high visibility and low competition. A website gives you the most exposure of any other personal branding tool, and since not many job seekers have one, you face little competition.

3. Your career-branded website is your online sales pitch.

You control what goes on your website. Think of it as your online brag site where you put work-related activity that you are proud of. From accomplishments, to community service, to higher education, to skill sets, to productivity, to outstanding characteristics, you can effectively illustrate your value on your career-branded website.

The new job-hunting reality

So, if you plan on job hunting in 2023, and are looking to get ahead of the curve, for a great competitive advantage, consider getting a personal career-branded website. You’ll wow employers for sure, and will be one step closer to landing your dream job.

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